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Sports Gambling - Plenty of Historic World Cup Upsets

Sports gambling excitement continues to build for the FIFA World Cup which begins with online sports gambling on June 11 and runs all the way through July 11.

Sports gambling handicappers will be looking at the historically tough big name teams such as Brazil and Spain but should be aware that online sports gambling upsets can happen in this event.

World Cup betting has seen its share of epic and unforgettable upsets through the years, some of major proportions.  A great example would be from 1950 when the United States defeated England 1-0 in what was considered to be an impossible result.

England was touted as “The Kings of Football” and was so embarrassed about the loss that they have yet to ever wear their dark blue jerseys since that defeat to the Yankee upstarts.  American Joe Gaetjens scored on a header and was carried off the field in Brazil!

Another huge sports gambling upset occurred in 1954 when Hungary fell to West Germany 3-2 in a game that took place in Switzerland.  Hungary was the dominant team of that era and had a 28 game unbeaten streak heading into the match.

This showdown with the Germans was in the final and the Hungarians took a 2-0 lead in the first 10 minutes before blowing it in their only loss from 1950-56.

Another shocker with the World Cup odds took place in 1966 when England hosted the games.  North Korea emerged out of nowhere and beat Italy 1-0 in a group stage finale.

North Korea was a rag tag team of hard workers going up against an established powerhouse from Europe as they became the first team from Asia to make the quarterfinal round.

Argentina was the sports gambling victim of a massive upset when they were defeated by Cameroon 1-0 in 1990 when Italy hosted the Cup.  Argentina was the defending champions but Cameroon played with relentless courage to become the first African team to make the quarterfinals.

South Korea scored a shocker of its own when it hosted the 2002 World Cup as they scored a World Cup football bet upset over Portugal 1-0, which was a team touted as a finalist.