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Sports Gambling - Maradona Leads Argentina

Sports gambling anticipation continues to grow for the FIFA World Cup which will begin in South Africa with online sports gambling action June 11-July 11.

Sports gambling fans recall the great Diego Maradona who led Argentina to the 1986 World Cup as one of the biggest names in all of online sports gambling.

Maradona will again have a major role in this year’s World Cup betting action but not as a player.  Instead, Maradona is the head coach of Argentina and will lead the hopes of an entire nation with that job.

Few sports gambling entries in the World Cup can match the passion and intensity of the fans of Argentina.  Being the head coach of Argentina is also one of the toughest jobs anywhere as it is known as a nation with “40 million people and 40 million coaches.”

But Maradona is a national treasure and hero and will be given the full confidence of the fans.

Maradona has had his share of success with the World Cup odds but also has been known for obnoxious outbursts, and ridiculing world leaders such as the Pope and former US President George W. Bush.  He has also brought near tragedy upon himself as he almost died from a drug overdose.

He went on a live profanity laced tirade when Argentina beat Uruguay.  He ran over a camera man recently who was trying to get footage of the legend.

Maradona will have one of the elite players in the world taking the pitch for him with Lionel Messi, who makes Argentina a sports gambling threat just in his own right.

Maradona has had his shares of struggles so far as coach, despite Messi being regarded by most as the best player in the world, and he has been erratic in juggling the lineup with 107 different players.  Argentina also struggled in World Cup qualifying as they were humiliated by Bolivia 6-1 and suffered a 3-1 home loss to their hated rival Brazil.

Maradona has no coaching experience outside of the 19 months that he has led the Argentina national team.  But Argentina’s past glory and Messi will still make them an attractive team to make a World Cup football bet with.