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Sports Gambling - Is Europe Losing the Future'

Sports gambling handicappers have had quite a challenge with their World Cup betting selections as upsets have been many and the past formulas for success unreliable.

Sports gambling fans have had to adjust their World Cup betting handicapping methodology as International Soccer appears to be a game in transition.

Among the shocking results of the 2010 FIFA World Cup were the elimination of the two finalists from 2006 as both France and defending champion Italy could not make it out of the Group Stage and into the knockout round of 16 teams.

European failure and struggles have not been limited to the two teams that suffered the biggest fall, however.

England struggled mightily in the Group Stage and needed a win in their third match after two uninspired draws to make the knockout stage of 16 teams.

The powerful and tradition laden team from Germany was also not immune from problems as they suffered a stunning sports gambling loss to Serbia in the Group Stage.

Just as Europe is suffering stunning defeats and facing unexpected parity there are new teams and nations on the rise in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Japan emerged from Group E and into the knockout stage with 2 wins in 3 games as they defeated Cameroon and Demark.

Uruguay and South Africa were impressive in Group A action.  South Africa nearly stunned a talented Mexico team in their opening draw with a missed breakaway attempt late in the game.  South Africa went on to win their Group A finale against a disgraced France.  Uruguay, meanwhile, won the group and advanced to the knockout stage.

South Korea is another team from the pacific that must be respected for the future as they emerged from Group B and into the knockout stage losing only to powerhouse Argentina.

The United States has never been considered a serious soccer playing nation but their winning Group C instead of heavily favored England is considered a milestone for their future aspirations.

Australia rebounded from a 0-4 opening blowout loss to Germany to recover with a win and a draw.  Their nearby neighbors from New Zealand shocked the world with a 1-1 draw against Italy, which was considered an upset win for the Kiwis more than a tie.

For handicappers the 2010 World Cup has been a challenge as old lessons and formulas simply no longer apply anymore.