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Sports Gambling - Germans Continue Title March

Sports gambling handicappers have been both surprised and impressed with the World Cup betting results of a young Germany team that was considered a long shot to make the final.

Sports gambling anticipation continues to grow for what looks to be an epic World Cup betting semifinal showdown Wednesday between Germany and Spain.

Germany entered the 2010 FIFA World Cup as a respected program but with the online sports gambling concern of being too young and inexperienced.

“Die Mannschaft” has gotten better as the tournament has gone on, however, and their total destruction of a highly regarded Argentina team in Saturday’s quarterfinal has served to bring them plenty of attention as well as transform them into a favorite with many handicappers.

German coach Joachim Loew has been instrumental in the transformation of Germany from a sports gambling underdog to a respected up and coming powerhouse.

Loew himself has quite a story as he was fired from many mid level coaching jobs before striking up a relationship with former German coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who brought him in as an assistant in 2006.  Loew got the head coaching assignment when Klinsmann chose not to return after leading “Die Mannschaft” to the semifinals that year.

A key to Germany’s World Cup football betting success has been that Loew refused to coach in the “old” ways and with “old” players while instead going with a youth movement and modern attitude that has paid off with huge dividends thus far.

“This is precisely the change we wanted to make,” said Loew.  “We said we wanted to bring in new players and give them a chance.”

Germany began to catch serious sports book gambling attention after they defeated a highly touted England team 4-1 in which they totally dominated the second half.  The youth movement was in full display in that win as Germany looked fresher and quicker compared to the old plodding English team.

Even the egotistical coach of Argentina, Diego Maradona, complimented the new German team.

“Germany had more ideas,” said Maradona after the Argentina loss to Germany.  “They had lots of ideas.  Ideas they didn’t have before.”

Germany has succeeded with the World Cup betting odds based on a combination of their traditional iron discipline along with more flair and creativity.

The German team has won 3 previous World Cups and has been the runner up 4 times.  A win on Wednesday puts them into the final on Sunday.

As for Loew, it doesn’t appear as if he will be fired again anytime soon!