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Sports Gambling - France Limps Home in Disgrace

Sports gambling handicappers were disgusted with the 2010 French team that many believed had no business entering the 2010 World Cup betting tournament in the first place.

Sports gambling fans were skeptical of France after they lucked into a World Cup betting berth because of getting away with a hand goal against Ireland in qualifying action.

France did have a solid World Cup gambling resume, however, as they were the 2006 runner up to Italy and considered a leading contender again for 2010.

France finished the 2010 FIFA World Cup with 1 draw and 2 losses in their 3 games in Group A as their offense was virtually nonexistent.  France scored just 1 goal in their 3 matches.

France was one of the most interesting teams in the 2010 World Cup, however, although all of the real action took place off the field as it was a drama that was worthy of a daytime television award.

France was “led” by head coach Raymond Domenech, who has been known to make lineup decisions based on astrology.  Domenech has become one of the most hated men in France as his quirky stewardship was a major factor in the final humiliating disgrace of the team in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Domenech ended up with a full fledged mutiny on his hands after sending home striker Nicolas Anelka following a 0-2 loss to Mexico.  Anelka insulted Domenech with a profanity laced tirade at halftime of the game.  The day after Anelka was sent home his teammates refused to practice for Domenech in a virtual strike.

Domenech ended his career by walking off the field in defeat after a 1-2 sports gambling loss to South Africa in which he refused to shake hands with their coach following the game.  He leaves with the reputation of being a smug, arrogant, incompetent failure.  Most of the French players despise him as much as the fans do.

France limped home to an angry nation of fans totally disgusted with their performance and conduct.  The French team had, among other PR nightmares, ugly stories of players involved with under age prostitutes.

The French team will now have to do some serious soul searching as they look to rebuild not only the team on the field but their image as well.  Long known for their conceit and refusal to release information to fans, France must now deal with the heaping plate of humble pie that was served to them at the 2010 World Cup.