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Sports Gambling - Donovan Focused After Painful Divorce

Sports gambling anticipation continues to build into a fever pitch for the FIFA World Cup that figures to be one of the top gambling events in 2010.

Sports gambling interest in the FIFA World Cup is also higher than ever before in the United States as team USA is considered to be a top online sports gambling contender.

Landon Donovan is one of the main reasons that the Americans have World Cup betting optimism.  Donovan has faced a recent character tests that included a painful divorce that he believes will help him focus on the FIFA World Cup as a diversion from those issues.

Donovan was married to actress Bianca Kajlich, a star on the television sitcom “Rules of Engagement.”  They were married three years, separated last July, and divorced at the end of 2009.

Donovan firmly believes that he will be a better player for Team USA, which has the highest sports gambling expectations in the history of the FIFA World Cup.  Donovan believes that adversity can teach a lot about a person’s character.

“Sometimes you learn more from those moments than anything,” said Donovan.  “For me that was certainly the case.  It (divorce) doesn’t have to be something ugly or nasty. It can be helpful and you can grow from it.  That is what we both took from it.”

Donovan burst onto the international stage as a 20 year old with team USA and was known by everyone betting the World Cup odds as being cocky.

His poor showing with Team USA in the 2006 FIFA World Cup has gnawed at him ever since as he is highly motivated to make up for that embarrassment which was a major let down for USA soccer.

Donovan said he is far better prepared for the 2010 sports gambling matchups that are to come in the 2010 FIFA World Cup and credits his ex-wife for helping his mental approach.  He also went through therapy and has learned to assess himself more honestly.

Donovan had an excellent 2009 season with the Los Angeles galaxy and is considered to be the creative spark that will make Team USA an appealing squad to make a World Cup football bet with.