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Sports Gambling - Argentina Favored in Group B

Sports gambling handicappers are working full time in preparation for one of the biggest events of the year with the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament.

Sports gambling anticipation continues to grow for this month long online sports gambling event that takes place in South Africa June 11 through July 11.

Argentina is a country that has long been associated with World Cup betting success and they will again be among the favorites to go all the way as well as lead their Group B rivals that include Nigeria, South Korea, and Greece.

Argentina has a history that makes it understandable as to why they are a favorite with the World Cup odds.  They have won the World Cup championship twice in 1978 and again in 1986.  In 2006 Argentina made the quarterfinals after a disappointing 2002 World Cup in which they were bounced in the first round.

In 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifying action Argentina had a record of 8 wins, 4 draws, and 6 losses.  Lionel Messi is one of the most promising young players in soccer and already has 13 goals for Argentina at just 22 years of age.

Nigeria will be the second choice on the sports gambling for Group B in the FIFA World Cup.  While Nigeria has not had a lot of World Cup success they are an improving team that has a lot of balance and is strong on defense.

South Korea could be a surprise value team to make a World Cup football bet with as although they do not have a lot of historic success they are a team that is improving with each World Cup appearance and have had a methodical climb up the ladder.

South Korea has been strong in their region and now the big question is whether or not that dominance at home can be translated on the global stage of the World Cup.

Greece is another potential sports gambling sleeper on the board for this year’s FIFA World Cup.  Greece has not had a lot of World Cup success with 3 losses in their only 3 previous matches.  Greece was the 2004 European champion and that recent success gives them hope and respect.