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Sports Gambling - Africa Hosts its First World Cup

Sports gambling anticipation continues to grow and build for the FIFA World Cup as handicappers are working nonstop in their preparations.

Sports gambling fans will see one of the premier online sports gambling events of the entire year with the FIFA World Cup and have plenty of exciting opportunities with it.

This will be the first ever World Cup betting event held on the continent of Africa.  The nation of South Africa will host the event and will kick off the event on June 11 when they host a strong Mexican team in Johannesburg.

While South Africa is not expected to have much World Cup success it is still a thrill for its citizens to host the event which FIFA hopes will help build the game and its popularity on the continent.

South Africa itself also hopes that by hosting this major sports gambling event that they may someday be able to host the Olympic Games.  They are going to use the World Cup as a business opportunity to showcase their country and the opportunities that are available there.

Beyond that South Africa considers the World Cup a chance to change negative stereotypes and images about their country and it’s past.  Ultimately it is hoped in South Africa that the World Cup will transform the nation into a business destination.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter believes that South Africa is an outstanding choice to host action with the World Cup odds.

“We can all applaud Africa,” said Blatter upon the announcement of the choice.  “The victor is football.  The victor is Africa.”

Blatter is hoping that the 91 year old Nelson Mandela will be able to attend at least some of the sports gambling action.  Mandela is the most famous citizen of South Africa and had tears in his eyes when the country was awarded the event but is not making many public appearances these days.

As always security is a prime concern as is cost.  The World Cup cost more than $4.6 billion to put together which is another concern.  Much of the cost is for security.

Brazil and Span may be the top choices to make a World Cup football bet with but South Africa will be a sentimental favorite for many fans.