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Sports Book Gambling - Tradition a Solid Bet for World Cup

Sports book gambling thrills began with South Africa and Mexico opening World Cup action with a breathtaking 1-1 draw.

Sports book gambling success, however, more often than not comes by handicapping the top traditional gambling in sports powers of the World Cup.

Such well known and respected World Cup betting commodities like Brazil, France, and Italy are often the best way to make money and beat the board.  

All three of those teams have had recent sports book gambling success as Italy is the defending champion; France was the 2006 runner up, while Brazil won a record fifth World Cup title in 2002.  All three teams are loaded with experienced players that will not crack under the intense spot light of World Cup betting.

Brazil midfielder Gilberto Silva would agree that experience and tradition are a major element in the overall sports book gambling success of his club.

“Of course I think the fact that I was part of that winning team in 2002 is important,” said Silva.  He also said that Brazil’s defeat in 2006 was just as valuable of an educational experience on the pitch.

Italy will have nine returning players from their 2006 championship with the World Cup betting odds.  The Italians will again be among the favorites to make the final on July 11.

“The Azzurri” has chosen to not break up a winning combination although some experts believe that they may have passed up on opportunities for superior although younger and inexperienced talent.

Manager Marcello Lippi of Italy was the coach in 2006 as well and prefers players that have plenty of experience as he believes it’s good for morale and that the team will make fewer mistakes.

France beat the gambling in sports board for their lone World Cup title in 1998 but they have a team loaded with experience from that second place finish in 2006.  Thierry Henry was a forward on that team that beat the World Cup gambling board in 1998 and offers plenty of experience as well as perspective for France’s efforts 12 years later.

It is champions like him that can offer courage and calm to the younger players that have never played on the global stage.