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Sports Book Gambling - World Cup Overlays Busting Bankrolls

Sports book gambling excitement is in full swing for action with the World Cup betting odds as handicappers are having to do some serious adjusting on how they evaluate matches.

Sports book gambling favorites England, France, Italy, and Germany have all failed to beat the World Cup betting odds as big favorites as gamblers are becoming leery of “laying the lumber”.

England has been a colossal disappointment so far in the FIFA World Cup as they played to draws against the United States and Algeria.  In both games the prohibitive favorites played with little or no life and couldn’t mount a serious offensive attack.  England was sloppy in both games and is now under fire from their fans and media.

English media has been merciless and has referred to the team as the “Cape Clowns.”  But perhaps the group of people that are most upset with the Three Lions are gamblers that laid out big odds with them only to go bust.

France is yet another sports book gambling overlay that has gone bust in the FIFA World Cup.  The French were the 2006 World Cup runner up team and figured to be a leading contender in South Africa.

Instead the French failed to score a goal in their first two games and the team imploded from within with a mutiny against beleaguered coach Raymond Domenech after he sent Nicolas Anelka home following a game 2 dispute in which the French star got into a profanity laced shouting match with the coach as he questioned Domenech’s tactics.

Germany has always delighted in bashing the French and former German coach Franz Beckenbauer said that France’s performance in their 0-2 loss to Mexico was “unworthy of a World Cup.”

Perhaps Beckenbauer should focus on his homeland team as they were upset by Serbia 0-1 in their second match of the Group stage.  Germany scored a 4-0 blowout win over Australia in their opener which made the loss to Serbia even more stunning… and expensive to the unlucky gamblers that were backing them.

But perhaps the biggest shocker of them all was New Zealand’s 1-1 draw with defending World Cup champion Italy on Sunday, which served to clean out gamblers who backed the overwhelmingly favored Azzurri.

So far the 2010 World Cup as been dangerous for those making overlays as they are getting bitten hard by dogs!