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Sports Book Gambling - Rooney and Capello Flop

Sports book gambling handicappers were highly disappointed in England’s performance with the World Cup betting odds and their elimination from the round of sixteen.
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Sports book gambling expectations were sky high for England and their super star striker Wayne Rooney, who was considered a key asset with the World Cup betting odds.

Rooney was shut out during England’s 4-game run in the 2010 FIFA World Cup and looked slow and sluggish in the process. Rooney is the star of the famed Manchester United in the English Premier League but failed to deliver to goods on the global stage.

He entered South Africa for the World Cup being touted as one of the greatest players in the game but departed in humiliation. Rooney has never scored a goal in eight World Cup games for his career.

England’s goalkeeper David James came to Rooney’s defense and said that opposing teams made his life difficult.

“You have to give credit to the opposition,” said James. “The teams know how good he is and they did all they can to stop him from playing. He wasn’t given freedom.”

As for England coach Fabio Capello the sports book gambling results were equally disappointing, if not disastrous. Capello was a highly touted hire with plenty of past success and he boasted about how England would make the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final.

Capello will meet with Sir Dave Richards, the head of England’s team, with the intention and hope of keeping his job for the next 4 year run towards the 2014 FIFA World Cup. There is also a financial angle to the situation as it may cost as much as 10 million pounds to send Capello home to Italy.

Former England manager Graham Taylor had some harsh comments on England’s plight that make the problems look far bigger than either Rooney or Capello. He blames England’s World Cup woes on the English Premier League.

“Club football reigns supreme in our country,” said Taylor. “We are club oriented to such a degree that since the formation of the Premier League, the FA is still seen as the ruling body but it doesn’t work that way.”

Taylor was also critical of England’s inept defensive play in the World Cup, which was a backhanded shot at Capello.

“I definitely don’t think I’ve seen an England side defend so poorly,” said Taylor. “All the basics seemed to disappear. We don’t seem to know what we’re doing.”