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Sports Book Gambling - England and FIFA Losers

Sports book gambling handicappers were stunned when England scored a clear goal that was never allowed with dramatic consequences.

Sports book gambling fans saw Germany take England apart 4-1 for an easy win with the World Cup betting odds but many believe that the goal that never was caused the final result.

England’s Frank Lampard shot a missile that went right under the crossbar of the goal with the ball bouncing 1 yard beyond the goal line.  The on field game officials were not in good enough position to see the goal and FIFA does not have a goal judge behind the net like hockey does, nor does it have instant replay.

FIFA was completely embarrassed in yet another of a long litany of officiating blunders that have cast a shadow over the 2010 World Cup.  FIFA officials refused to comment on the disastrous none call and have been stubborn about using modern technology to review such disputes.

The one good thing about the missed call is that FIFA may have to cave in and allow instant replay for future tournaments.

As for England the World Cup was a disaster as they were heavy sports book gambling favorites to contend for the Final but they limped in to the knockout round of 16 and were clearly exposed as old, slow, and over-matched against the young, up and coming Germans.

“Who is to blame, the manager or the players?  Everyone is to blame,” said England’s Steven Gerrard.  “We came into this tournament with big togetherness and it would be very unfair of me to pick out individuals.  For me it’s the group.”

There will be many questions for England to address now that they have again proven to be an overrated World Cup failure.

The loss to Germany marked the end of the so-called “Golden Generation” of players such as Michael Owen and David Beckham that has turned out to be more about celebrity and big money contracts than about the substance of actually winning.

Coach Fabio Capello is under heavy fire and may be sent back to Italy after he boasted that England would play in the Final.  But the problems go far deeper than the coach.

The English Premier League has placed an emphasis on big name foreign players and that is said to have hurt the development of England’s home grown players.

Regardless, it will be a very new England team 4 years from now.