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Sports Book Gambling - Argentina Gets off on Right Foot

Sports book gambling handicappers that had any doubt about Argentina legend Diego Maradona and his ability to manage the team may have to reconsider.

Sports book gambling action in the first round of the group stage saw Argentina score an impressive 1-0 payout over Nigeria.

Argentina’s World Cup betting win was far more dominant than the final score indicated and made fans step back and take another look at a team that was not on the radar of many handicappers as far as being considered of top shelf quality.

Argentina sort of “limped in” to the World Cup stage as even Maradona’s admirers have admitted that the team has been disorganized and suffering from internal drama that has been considered a potential sports book gambling weakness.  But in the game against Nigeria the Argentina team looked polished and well oiled and ready for a roll to the finals.

Argentina basically played “keep away” throughout their win as Nigeria appeared helpless on the pitch as they could only stand and watch the superior Argentina team pass the ball all over.  Overall it was a poor World Cup betting performance for a Nigerian team that was expected to do well and make a possible run to the knock our round.  The defeat may prove to be fatal as it killed off momentum and confidence that Nigeria had prior to the World Cup.

Gabriel Heinze was the sports book gambling hero as he scored the lone goal of the game for Argentina in the sixth minute of action.  Lionel Messi, considered by many to be the best player in the word, was another asset for Argentina with the World Cup betting odds as he controlled the ball for most of the game.

Argentina has plenty of past gambling in sports success with the World Cup including two titles with Maradona leading them to their last championship in 1986. 

Maradona remains the biggest concern with many handicappers as far as Argentina’s World Cup gambling prospects.  He has suffered from drug addiction and is often an emotional basket case.  His leadership has been erratic and while it was a positive start the question remains whether or not Argentina can maintain consistency.