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Sports Gambling Year of the Pitcher

Sports gambling fans blame low pitch counts as the culprit as to why we’ve been seeing fewer 20-game winners in the past sports gambling seasons.

In the world of baseball sports gambling fans have become accustomed to inflated batting stats and monster feats by batters. But so far though the first half of the baseball online sports gambling, it has been the pitchers that have been quietly putting together some monster sports gambling stats.

And if this trend continues we could see a huge group of 20 game winners by the end of the sports gambling season.  As the All Star game fast approaches and teams all past the half way point of the sports gambling season it impossible to notice what the pitchers are doing during this year’s sports gambling action.

During the past two sports gambling seasons there has only been one 20-game winner (Josh Beckett ’07). For many online sports gambling stat freaks, that number in itself is perhaps one of the craziest that they’ve seen.

But this year, through half of the sports gambling season there are eight pitchers with at least ten wins apiece heading into the break. And probability of seeing a twenty game winner is raised even greater when you consider that between the two sports gambling leagues there are 20 pitchers with at least nine-wins heading into the All Star break.

These numbers are all but unprecedented in the online sports gambling age when pitchers rarely go through over 100 pitches and almost never see the seventh inning.  And the rise in win and loss totals by relievers would also seem to support this notion.

But this sports gambling season, for whatever reason, has seen a reverse in that trend and sports gambling fans are seeing more and more starting pitchers pile win after win after win.

And it’s not as if the pitchers haven’t earned their impressive online sports gambling stats, as only four pitchers have an ERA over 4.0 and five have an ERA less than 3.0. So while the hitters have gotten all the attention in recent sports gambling seasons, the pitchers are the ones shining this season.