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Sports Gambling on Wimbledon

Federer retains the world number one ranking in the sports gambling standings, but online sports gambling fans consider Nadal the better player at present.

If a sports gambling fan had to try and predict which players they might expect to see play in the men’s finals at Wimbledon before the tournament even started it would require all that much imagination. For the past two years Raphael Nadal and Roger Federer have battled for the title at the most famous online sports gambling tennis event on the planet.

And as the quarter finals fast approach it seems as though these two juggernauts will once again square off in the sports gambling finals at Wimbledon.

In what has become more or less routine for most online sports gambling fans these two tennis greats square off in Paris at the French Open, with Nadal dominating, and then they meet again a few weeks later at the grass finals.

In England its Federer’s turn to dominate the sports gambling and that’s simply the way it’s been over the past few years in sports gambling -as regular as clock work. But this year the clock work may bust a spring as Nadal is arguably the best tennis player in sports gambling right now.

So far throughout the 2008 calendar year, Nadal has been the best player in online sports gambling winning more matches, more Grand Slams and more head to head online sports gambling battles than Federer has.

But as great as Nadal is playing, one thing that every gambling fan must take into consideration is the fact that they’ll be playing on grass should the two meet in the sports gambling finals at Wimbledon.

Grass is to Federer what clay is to Nadal -his one true medium- and it is very difficult to imagine the defending champ losing in the sports gambling finals to anyone. Should Federer and Nadal meet in the finals, as looks likely, expect the Swiss great to hoist his fifth sports gambling title here in an as many years.

Nadal may have closed the gap, but there is still no finer grass player in all of sports gambling then Federer.