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A Good Sports Gambling Value

Sports gambling is like the stock market, “buy low and sell high” can be “lay low and take high” on an online sports gambling wager.

Sports gambling on popular “name brand” teams with great reputations is like buying a tech stock at their peak in the late 1990’s. It’s too late and you will pay too much as the online sports gambling line makers know that you are coming for the “name brand”.

If you bet with your fellow sports gambling players you are, in essence, betting against the “house.”  And in the long run sports gambling against the house is doomed to failure.  A great example of a sports gambling “stock” that still attracts a lot of online sports gambling activity despite it having lost value long ago are the Denver Broncos.

Denver in 2007 had a sports gambling record of 5-11 against the spread.  In 2008 Denver had a sports gambling record of 3-7-1 against the spread despite a 6-5 straight up record.  This is a great sports gambling example of a team that is perceived by the public to be far better than it actually is.

Now let’s look at a sports gambling team that nobody has wanted since last season.  The Kansas City Chiefs have gone 5-22 straight up since the start of 2007 and yet have an online sports gambling record of 13-14.

While not a sports gambling profit it certainly has proven that going with the masses against Kansas City was NOT going to be a sports gambling cash cow.  In 2008 the Arizona Cardinals have been a sports gambling opposite to the Denver Broncos.

Long considered the worst franchise in the NFL Arizona has been a popular team to jump against in online sports gambling.  Yet those who did their sports gambling homework could see that the Cardinals had new direction and were in a weak division.

Arizona has a sports gambling mark of 16-11 since 2007, clearly outperforming their public image.

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