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Sports Gambling Universe

Sports gambling is a global phenomenon. Anywhere you look these days the presence of sports gambling and especially online sports gambling can be felt.

And these high levels of popularity enjoyed by sports gambling around the world is a sign of how important and how well liked this pastime is to millions of people around the world. Sports gambling web sites have their hands full right now as the first few months of the calendar year are traditionally one of the busiest times of the calendar year.

From January to March there is little rest for the people working at online sports gambling sites and even then it’s a short rest before the rush of the NHL playoffs and the NBA playoffs take the sports gambling world by storm.

Right now, during the first month or so of the New Year most of the sports gambling universe is focused on one thing: the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is a pretty big deal for most fans and most online sports gambling sites.

Most of these online sports gambling sites invest a huge amount of time and resources into promoting Super Bowl betting, but it’s a one time event and after Super Bowl Sunday, that’s it for football, much to the chagrin of most sports gambling fans.

The NFL playoffs provide a great run up the Super Bowl for most fans, but the end of the Super Bowl is hardly the end of the year, in fact, it’s really just the beginning.

As soon as the Super Bowl ends, the rush for March Madness begins in earnest and for the next six to seven weeks the main focus of most fans and most sports gambling web sites is the NCAA basketball tournament.

Once conference play finishes up and the seeding are announced pandemonium breaks out and the most hectic time of the year has arrived for businesses.

But before the March Madness begins, there are still several other big sports gambling events that still the spot light, such as the NHL All Star game which is generally played in the end of January or beginning of February.

This game show cases the best hockey talent in the world and many fans, while they might not catch a lot of regular season NHL games, make time for this major event. And then usually in mid February the sports gambling world also gets to watch the NBA all star game which features the best players on the planet.