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Sports Gambling's Ultimate Myths

Sports Gambling is based on public perception. The odds and lines are NOT based on the pure ability of the teams but instead on the sports gambling online fan perception.

Sports Gambling is full of myths, the first of which is that the linemaker sets his number based on what he thinks the true separation between the teams in a game is.  The actual sports gambling online reality is that the oddsmaker is trying to attract sports gambling action to both sides of the game equally.

A good way to understand how things really work is that if the linemaker believes that more gamblers will line up disproportionately on one side over the other, he will have to entice the sports gambling public with extra value on the less popular side.

Sports gambling enthusiasts that bet on college football are likely quite familiar with ESPN’s Lee Corso predicting games that are “closer than the experts think”.  That is a nice way of saying a team will cover the sports gambling spread.

But, again, the line is not set based on what the sports gambling online “experts” think but is, instead, based on what the sports gambling public thinks.  That is why teams such as Ohio State and USC often have to lay out huge numbers, because the vast majority of the sports gambling public wants to bet on those teams.

So the linemaker ends up jacking up the price on such “name brand” teams in order to scare off the general sports gambling online public and force them to consider the other side.  In many cases the “name brand” teams end up as terrible sports gambling values as a result of their popularity.

Ohio State this season in college football was a dominant 10-2 straight up but just 5-6 against the spread.  That is because far too many gamblers were willing to accept over-inflated prices and poor value on the Buckeyes, forcing the linemaker to continue to jack up the price to a point that would entice action the other way.

To put this another way, the sports gambling lines on Ohio State games were far higher than they should have actually been.  When sports gambling, it pays to think like a linemaker rather than a gambler.  It only pays to think like a gambler if you then bet on the other side!

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