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Sports Gambling - Tennessee Recovers With Dooley

Sports gambling news was hot and heavy out of the University of Tennessee as Derek Dooley took over as head coach for the 2010 online sports gambling season.

Sports gambling coaching news developed at UT as Lane Kiffin cut and run for the USC job which left the online sports gambling opening for Dooley, who was at Louisiana Tech. The reaction of the sports gambling community to the hiring of Dooley was cautious and mixed as he had up and down results while at Louisiana Tech where he went 17-20 in three online sports gambling seasons but led the Bulldogs to a bowl in 2008.

Dooley’s strong sports book gambling selling points were that he is from the south and knows the Southeastern Conference as the son of legendary former Georgia coach Vince Dooley.  Derek Dooley has additional sports gambling “street cred” after having served as recruiting coordinator for Nick Saban during his national championship run at LSU.

Dooley also served as Saban’s assistant with the NFL Miami Dolphins for two sports gambling seasons to enhance his appeal with recruits that want a pipeline to the NFL.  Dooley has a law degree and is respected throughout sports gambling for his mind.

Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton had to act fast as national signing day for recruits is coming up for the 2010 season and Kiffin left Hamilton and the UT program holding a potentially empty bag.  Dooley will work to shore up recruiting and to provide stability to the Volunteer program.

Hamilton had a lot of sports gambling praise for his new hire.  “I’ve talked to a number of folks over the past 24 hours,” said Hamilton.  “He’s been described as very intelligent, intense, disciplined, hard nosed, a tenacious recruiter, a family guy and extremely well organized.”

All of that sounds good but the sports gambling reality is that Dooley will have to quickly produce for one of the most demanding fan bases in all of college football.  He will also have to work to restore sports gambling confidence to a program that was blown up by the firestorm over Kiffin’s departure.