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Sports Gambling Online - Signal Calling NFL Winners

Sports gambling online for the 2009 NFL season had a gambling sports clue that unlocked a lot of profits after 3 months of regular season action.

Sports gambling online handicappers found that the teams that had the quarterbacks with the highest passing efficiency ratings made for the best gambling sports values. Brett Favre of the Minnesota Vikings led the sports gambling online QB ratings after 10 weeks of gambling sports action in the NFL and the Vikings lost just 3 out of their sports gambling matchups in that span.

Favre’s sports gambling online QB rating of 107.0 was based in large part on his phenomenal gambling sports number of 17 touchdown passes with just 3 interceptions.  Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints was right behind Favre with a sports gambling QB rating of 104.6.

Brees had 19 touchdown passes with 9 interceptions.  The Saints had a sports gambling online record of 9-0 straight up and 6-3 against the spread.  Veteran Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts was again having a stellar sports gambling online season in which he had a QB rating of 104.2.

Manning had a 20/7 touchdown/interception ratio and the Colts had a sports gambling online record of 9-0 straight up with just 3 losses against the spread.  The difficulty of sports gambling online teams finding a quality quarterback has never been greater.

This is a serious sports gambling online irony as the rules now favor the passing game like never before.  So far this sports gambling online season having a top shelf quarterback has meant for a significant advantage with the pointspread.

In the case of all three of the aforementioned teams they would not be anywhere near the sports gambling online status that they now enjoy without their quarterbacks while there are other teams in the NFL that have everything needed to win with the exception of a first rate signal caller.

At the end of a game that has often been the difference between who stands in line at the cashier’s window and who tears up another losing ticket.