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Sports Gambling Online - Power Favorites Zapped

Sports gambling online with NCAAF power favorites has not offered much of a value recently as the public demand for elite favorites has driven up prices.

Sports gambling online handicappers have also seen greater parity in college football that has made big underdogs solid gambling sports values against “name” teams. Just as is the case in the regular market place, sports gambling online “name brand teams” come with a premium price because that is where most of the casual and public money goes too.

A great example would be the Florida Gators, who are among the most popular college football teams with those who are gambling sports.  Since sports gambling fans that don’t know too much about college football know that Florida is an elite program they will often bet on the Gators thinking that they are getting the best possible team, which is true.

The problem is that the sports gambling online odds makers also know that and therefore jack up the gambling sports odds on Florida as they want to attract sports gambling action to the other side in order to balance the books.

This often makes Florida’s opponents valued sports gambling online commodities that are getting more points than what is actually merited.  Florida has covered just 3 out of their last 9 sports gambling online matchups when favored by more than 8 points despite winning 18 of those games straight up.

The Alabama Crimson Tide, Florida’s main Southeastern Conference rival for the title, have also suffered a similar sports gambling online erosion of value over the years.  Alabama has lost 11 out of their last 19 sports gambling online matchups against the spread when favored by more than 8 points despite going 16-3 straight up.

Southern Cal has long been the dominate sports gambling online team in the Pac 10 Conference and a perennial national title contender.  This has caused USC’s sports gambling online value to plummet recently as they have gone just 4-9 against the spread in their last 13 games when favored by more than 8 points.

The Texas Longhorns are always one of the top national contenders and a power program with few peers and yet they have also had sports gambling online value problems when laying the big numbers as they have posted just 5 payouts in their last 12 games when laying more than 8 points.  Before you “turn on the power” consider the cost and value!