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Sports Gambling Online NBA Contrarian Style

Sports gambling online on the NBA successfully often comes down to forcing yourself to make sports gambling choices that you normally wouldn’t.

Sports gambling online is often a contrarian pursuit.  The sports gambling books are not in business because the majority of gamblers win.  So far in the 2008-09 NBA sports gambling online season the New Jersey Nets can teach us a lot about contrarian thinking.

The Nets are not at all one of the most appealing NBA teams in sports gambling online.  They have even less sports gambling on the road.  Yet the Nets were 11-3 against the sports gambling online board in road action.

By taking the Nets on the road you will normally be on the opposite side of the sports gambling online public, which is usually a good place to be.  The Detroit Pistons are another good study in contrarian sports gambling online thinking.

As a long time respected power the general sports gambling online public immediately thinks of the Pistons as a tough home team at The Palace.  The sports gambling is usually less enthused about a team on the road.  Detroit has been a solid sports gambling online value on the road this year with a mark of 8-6 against the spread.

Compare that to their home sports gambling online record of 4-10 and it drives home the point.  Combined, the road team went 18-10 against the spread in all Detroit games to start the 2008-09 season.  An even greater example from the Eastern Conference is the Charlotte Bobcats.

Charlotte began the 2008-09 season with a straight up record of just 11-20.  Those gamblers that would even consider the Bobcats would only do so when they were at home.  Yet Charlotte was most valuable on the road, where they had the least amount of sports gambling online appeal.

The Bobcats went 9-3 against the spread in road action.  Conversely at home the Bobcats went just 9-10 against the spread.  It is often hard to do what does not come naturally to you but that is the best way to set yourself apart from the pack and become successful at wagering on the NBA.

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