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Sports Gambling on Seattle Sonics

Franchises move all the time in sports gambling, especially in this modern age of online sports gambling.

Today Seattle is officially the saddest town in sports gambling. Just last week they had a proud NBA franchise which had called the city it’s sports gambling home for more than four decades. But in the age of online sports gambling and an overzealous NBA commissioner, the Sonics new owners were able to weasel the team away from Seattle and break the hearts of millions of NBA sports gambling fans in Washington.

How such a move could happen might seem incomprehensible to many sports gambling fans, but it simply proves the strength of the NBA commissioner’s office and the undoubted resolve of David Stern’s agenda to run the league with an iron fist, but what makes this change of addresses so appalling was the underhanded way in which it was implemented.

It has been no secret that David Stern has wanted an NBA franchise in Oklahoma City and some in the sports gambling world have even insinuated that in return for the city hosting the New Orleans Hornets in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina he had promised to move a team there, according to many online sports gambling analysts.

Whether this is true or not is impossible to know, however, it does seem likely to most sports gambling fans. And perhaps Oklahoma City will become a fine sports gambling city. But Oklahoma City is hardy to blame for this sports gambling debacle.

The Sonics new owner is the guilty party in this sad sports gambling story and the deserving object of the sports gambling public’s scorn. Upon purchasing the Sonics two years ago he pledged quite publicly that he would not move the Sonics. Yet from day one of his ownership it appears that that has been number one on is agenda.

The local government’s recent votes against a new arena are simply a convenient escape goat that finally brings closure to this lousy bit of sports gambling business -a neat way for the Sonics new owners to move team and blame it on politics.

But the truth is that the ownership and the NBA have been working diligently at making sure that the former Seattle Sonics would be playing in Oklahoma City by the 2009 sports gambling season. They have now finally achieved what they set out to do.