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Sports Gambling on Mid Major Hoops

Sports Gambling on college basketball to the masses means betting on Duke, Kansas, UCLA, or similar “name brand” teams.

Successful online sports gambling, however, often comes down to other avenues.  Sports Gambling successfully on college basketball is often done with “mid major” teams that the masses tend to ignore.  You will often get good sports gambling value with these teams.

There are some excellent online sports gambling examples of mid major success from the Atlantic 10 Conference so far this year.  Rhode Island got off to a fine online sports gambling start for 2008-09 by getting the cash in 5 of their first 7 games.  LaSalle was 4-2 against the spread while Temple, like Rhode Island, was 5-2 against the board.

Just as is the case with the “name brands” you must be careful to get full sports gambling value.  Some mid major teams are better known than others to the online sports gambling public and they offer less board value.

From that same Atlantic 10 Conference we have examples such as Xavier, a perennial post season team that has good name recognition with the sports gambling community.  To start this season the Musketeers were just 3-4-1 against the board, even though they were 9-0 straight up.

A similar sports gambling team is Dayton.  The Flyers were just 2-4 against the sports gambling board despite going 9-1 straight up.  The Big West Conference offers many interesting teams and excellent sports gambling value.  UC Davis is a great example of a team that totally flies under the sports gambling public radar screen.

UC Davis began the season just 4-7 straight up, but this only served to enhance their overall board value as they were 6-3 against the spread.  This is exactly the type of team that can bring you more sports gambling bang for your buck than any “name brand” team could ever hope to.

Nobody wants to bet UC Davis, which is why those that do will often get better results than they otherwise should.  A good sports gambling strategy to make the most of college basketball is to focus on the mid majors and ignore the “name brands”. has all of your college hoop action.

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