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Sports Gambling on Favre Return

Not that the team wouldn’t love Favre under center when the sports gambling season starts, but could be devastating on the online sports gambling success.

There are only two certainties in life and sports gambling, and Brett Favre staying retired certainly isn’t one of them. As the old adage goes, beyond death and taxes nothing is certain, though most online sports gambling fans are hardly surprised by recent speculation that Brett Favre may return to the NFL.

Since the day he officially retired the sports gambling world has been abuzz with rumor that he would return for the 2008 online sports gambling season and that conjecture appears to have been credence when Favre contacted the Packers about returning.

While at first glance this might seem like a tremendous bit of news for Green Bay it creates many more problems for the team than it solves when the sports gambling season opens up. However, as is the case in most sports gambling situation, immediate success is generally always favored over long-term stability.

If Favre were to return he would first have to prove to the sports gambling public and the Packers that he could still play at the highest levels of online sports gambling. Based on what he did last year, it’s safe for most sports gambling fans to assume that that is the case.

And that is the crux of the situation in the eyes of most sports gambling fans as the Packers have already -with great ceremony- given the starters job to Aaron Rogers.  Most sports gambling insiders think Rogers is ready to start and expect a good online sports gambling season from him.

However, if Favre comes back, there’s only enough room for one starting QB when the sports gambling action begins. Will Favre have to compete for Rogers’ starting spot, or will the Packers have to risk relations with Rogers -their sports gambling QB of the future- and renege on their word.

While some teams in sports gambling would love to have this problem, right now it’s not one that the Packers had hoped to be contemplating so close to the start of the online sports gambling season.