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Sports Gambling on Big Names and Prices

Sports Gambling on college basketball offers more opportunity than any sport on the board.

So why do so many in the online sports gambling public ignore those gems and get continually clobbered?  Sports Gambling success means that you must do what is out of the norm.  You cannot make an online sports gambling profit by following the crowd as you will deprive yourself of value.

The typical sports gambling player betting on college hoops will immediately look towards the Atlantic Coast Conference and teams such as North Carolina.  The catch, however, is that the online sports gambling linemakers know that and set the prices accordingly.

North Carolina started the 2008-09 season a perfect 10-0 straight up but was just 8-8 against the sports gambling board.  This, points out the lack of value on the Tar Heels despite their excellence as a team.

Remember, the linemakers want equal online sports gambling action on both sides so they will make you pay a heavy price for teams such as North Carolina, who is the natural first choice of the public.  Another great sports gambling example of ACC power having little juice was Duke from 2007-08.

The Blue Devils had an overall sports gambling record of 28-6 straight up but they covered just 16 of 33 games against the sports gambling board.  Again, Duke is a team that gets a lot of first looks from the sports gambling public, the oddsmakers know that, and they charge a premium price as a result.

Another super power that always gets a lot of public sports gambling love is UCLA.  The powerful Bruins began 2008-09 with a straight up record of 7-2, but they got the cash in just 4 of their first 9 games on the sports gambling board.

Last year despite a sparkling 35-4 straight up record the Bruins got the cash in just 21 out of 38 games, not nearly reflective of their overall power.  From the Big Ten Michigan State has a great reputation with the sports gambling public.

Last year the Spartans were 27-9 straight up and yet covered just 15 out of 32 games on the board.  This is another example of where NOT to find college basketball value.

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