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Sports Gambling on 2009 NBA Draft

Sports gambling fans may be fresh off their NBA Finals handicapping but there is little time for rest as the NBA Draft odds will be posted June 25.

Sports gambling handicappers have much to consider for this year’s NBA Draft odds as there are many top notch players for the teams to select from. The Los Angeles Clippers will have the top sports gambling selection on the NBA Draft odds board for 2009 and everyone knows that this pathetic franchise needs all of the help that it can get.

The problem is that the Clippers have proven to be such a horrible sports gambling commodity through the years that they may be beyond salvation.  Right now Blake Griffin is projected as the man that will go to the Clippers.  Griffin is a 6-3 sophomore from Oklahoma.

The Memphis Grizzlies are the 2nd ranked team on the sports gambling board of the draft and are projected to be looking at Hasheem Thabeet, a 7-3 junior from Connecticut.  The Oklahoma City Thunder get the 3rd sports gambling selection in the draft and are looking at Ricky Rubio, a 6-4 guard out of Spain.

James Harden, a 6-5 sophomore from Arizona State is slated as the 4th pick on the sports gambling board which would make him a member of the Sacramento Kings.  The 5th pick on the sports gambling board belongs to the Washington Wizards who are projected to be interested in Jordan Hill, a 6-10 junior from Arizona.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have cleaned house with the firing of Kevin McHale and will begin their new era with the 6th selection on the sports gambling board.  Minnesota is projected to be taking Tyreke Evans, a 6-6 freshman from Memphis.  The Golden State Warriors are coming off a disappointing season and will pick 7th in the draft.

Golden State is projected to be taking Demar DeRozan, a 6-7 freshman from Southern Cal.  The New York Knicks draft 8th and are looking at Stephen Curry, a 6-3 junior from Davison.  Toronto is drafting 9th and is projected to be taking 6-3 freshman Jrue Holiday of UCLA.  Milwaukee picks 10th and is looking at 6-1 Brandon Jennings from Roma.

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