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Sports Gambling NBA Agent Bonanza

No signings can be made until July 9th, but sports gambling fans know that when the moratorium is lifted, the online sports gambling scene will be altered.

The Fourth of July weekend will be full of celebrations and some of the biggest celebrating will be done by the NBA sports gambling free agents that have just secured monster contracts. On July 1st, one of the busiest free agent markets in online sports gambling, the NBA, opened up.

This year’s sports gambling free agency period is unlikely to be as eventful as in some years past due to the financial strains that many NBA teams are under.  Most teams’ hands are bound by salary cap restrictions and it will difficult for them to work any huge sports gambling deals.

However, two teams have plenty of space under the cap to go after top free agents in order to improve their online sports gambling lot. But the players available hardly suit the needs of the Grizzlies and the Sixers, and they may hold their cap room until next NBA sports gambling off season when the free agent market will be flooded.

For the most part this sports gambling free agent period has been somewhat uneventful thus far. Many of the top names in the NBA online sports gambling bonanza have chosen to re-sign with their own team.

In Washington Gilbert Arenas -the top sports gambling free agent- has reportedly reached a deal with the Wizards, as has teammate and sports gambling free agent Antwan Jamison.  But the place where there have been some free agent sports gambling intrigue has been California.

In the Bay area Baron Davis has unexpectedly opted out of his contract with the Warriors and by most sports gambling accounts appears headed to the LA Clippers. That being said both of the Clippers top free agents opted out of their contracts as well, confounding many sports gambling fans.

Between Elton Brand and Corey Maggette, one of them will be playing in a different sports gambling city next year, and that could be biggest story of this NBA free agent signing period.