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Sports Gambling - National League Money Winners and Losers

Sports gambling surprises have been few and far between so far in the young National League online sports gambling season that has begun as expected.

Sports gambling fortunes can often change quickly as well as the board value of teams good and bad once their online sports gambling reputation is established. The Philadelphia Phillies are an excellent sports gambling example of a “public” team that attracts a lot of casual money their way based on past success and continued high expectations.

The Phillies won 8 out of their first 10 games but were not profitable at home while making plenty of money for gamblers on the road where they attract a less expensive price tag.

The New York Mets are the opposite sports gambling phenomenon.  The Mets are always hyped for being far more than they actually are because the have an expensive payroll and plenty of media.  New York remains one of the biggest money losers on the board as an overlay that lost 7 out of their first 10 games.

Another even worse money loser were the Houston Astros as they lost 9 out of their first 10 games with the MLB odds.  Interestingly enough the Astros were break even on the road, where their lone win of 2010 was which indicates what a large dog they have become.

The St. Louis Cardinals were 7-3 to start the season but were not all that profitable because they have become one of the more consistent overlays on the sports gambling board, especially at home where they were slightly in the red.

The large sports gambling expectations for the Los Angeles Dodgers have served to significantly drive down their board value as they were deeply in the red despite splitting their first 10 games of the season.

The Washington Nationals were quite the opposite of the Dodgers in that they had a solid sports gambling profit despite splitting their first 10 games.  This is because the public avoids the Nats due to their horrible record through the years, which forces the line makers to sweeten the pot to attract action their way.

San Francisco was highly profitable at 7-3 with their stellar pitching staff and an improved lineup.