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Sports Gambling Name Brands at Sports Gambling

Sports gambling is something that more and more people are taking up thanks to the convenience of online sports gambling.

The way to stand apart from the crowd and succeed, however, is to do just that; stand apart from the crowd. Sports gambling features a lot of “group think” or “conventional wisdom”. And the first thing to know about online sports gambling is that there isn’t much “wisdom” with conventional wisdom.

You must learn to succeed at sports gambling by not thinking like the masses, by not reacting but instead learning how to be a pro-active handicapper.  There is another sports gambling term to learn about and avoid and that is “name brand” betting.

Many online sports gambling players simply bet on the power or most popular sports gambling teams such as the Boston Celtics of the NBA. Sports gambling fans think of Boston as the defending world champions that won 60 plus games last season.  But here is the problem.

When everyone in sports gambling is thinking the same thing, they pay an inflated price that offers no value.

Why? Because the line maker knows what about “name brand” sports gambling and since he wants to attract sports gambling action to both sides of the game equally, he has to make the Celtics opponent attractive enough with a bargain price to attract those sports gambling dollars.

That is why this season Boston may have started 9-2 straight up but beat the spread just 4 times in those first 11 games. You will find in online sports gambling that many teams coming off great seasons, or many strong ones, will suffer with poor sports gambling value.

The Indianapolis Colts are a great sports gambling example of poor value. A perennial playoff team and two years removed from a Super Bowl win the Colts also have Peyton Manning, perhaps the most respected and popular quarterback in pro football. It all adds up to inflated odds.

Indianapolis has long been one of online sports gambling most popular bets and has paid the price this year with a record of 4-7 against the spread despite a 7-4 straight up record.  Sports gambling value is attained by thinking like a line maker or the online sports gambling casino rather than a typical gambler.

Step out of the pack to succeed at sports gambling!

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