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Sports Gambling on Historic Players

Sports gambling fans have grown accustomed to witnessing great things with the wide variety of online sports gambling opportunities available.

But in storied history of sports gambling there has perhaps never been an athlete as dominant as Tiger Woods and right now he’s playing some of the best golf in his career. Sports gambling throughout the ages has seen many great athletes like Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, Jim Brown, etc, but rarely in an individual sports gambling game like golf has one man stood so far above his online sports gambling contemporaries.

Jordan and Ruth were clearly the best at what they did in their sports gambling prime but never did they take the field or the court by themselves. Sports gambling fans will recall that Ruth had the help of teammates like hall of famer Lou Gehrig and what online sports gambling fan could forget the combo of Jordan and Scottie Pippen?

Woods has no wingman or teammate to pick him up on an off day and that is what has made his sports gambling achievements so special. As great as Woods has been against the sports gambling odds, he arguably playing the best golf he’s ever played.

Sports gambling fans have been amazed at what Woods has done in the past but what he’s doing in the present rivals anything he’s achieved in online sports gambling this far.  He has won six straight sports gambling events on the golf course and his winning percentage over the past two years has been staggering.

But perhaps as good as sign as any as to his dominance in sports gambling is his match play record. In PGA Tour match play events he has won 23 of his past 26 matches, something unheard when it comes to online sports gambling on golf.

But is the most indicative stat of all, he was won 15 of the 25 PGA match play events in sports gambling history. That stat is by far the most of any golfer in sports gambling, with second most wins by any other golfer being 2 events.

Woods recently passed Arnold Palmer as the fourth winningest golfer in sports gambling history and with one more win will tie the great Ben Hogan for third.