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Sports Gambling Extras

Sports gambling offers not just sides, totals, and money lines but many other ways to have fun at online sports gambling.

Let’s take a look at sports gambling on halves, both first and second. Sports gambling on halves is becoming more popular by the day. The most common form of online sports gambling on halves was the “half time” bet in which sports gambling websites would post selected half time lines right after the first half of football and basketball games ended.

This became so popular with sports gambling fans that sports gambling websites now offer half time wagering on nearly all games. Not only that, sports gambling on halves has been expanded to include first half wagering!  Sports gambling on halves works as follows: Let’s say the Oakland Raiders lead the Kansas City Chiefs 17-7 at the half.

The online sports gambling halftime line was made to be Kansas City -4. With a final score of Oakland 27 and Kansas City 24 the Chiefs would have covered the sports gambling halftime line of -4 since they outscored the Raiders in the second half 17-10.

Some Sports gambling fans like to “play off” the halftime lines to gain an advantage of the original online sports gambling odds. Let’s say that the USC Trojans were 24-point favorites at home against Arizona State. Many sports gambling fans wouldn’t want to lay the 24-points.

However let’s say that USC was sloppy in the first half and trailed 21-17 at halftime. Now the sports gambling halftime line comes out as USC -17.

Many sports gambling players will consider this a HUGE bargain as, in reality, this also makes USC a 13-point overall sports gambling favorite as if they win the second half by 17-points they would beat Arizona State by a total of 13 points, which is an 11-point bargain against the original pre game sports gambling line.

Using our USC example again lets say that the online sports gambling first half line is USC-12. This would mean that USC would have to win the first half only by more than 12-points to cover the sports gambling line. offers online sports gambling at its finest.

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