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Sports Gambling and the Elections

At present the state of sports gambling is in limbo. It would be impossible for the United States congress to ban online sports gambling on the Internet.

The US presidential elections have been great entertainment this far, and especially so for sports gambling fans. For anyone that enjoys even the occasional practice of online sports gambling they should take special note of this year’s election.

Not only has the election process itself become a very popular exercise for sports gambling fans, but the next president of the US could have a profound affect on the practice of online sports gambling.  But at the same time this body has done all it can to limit the access to online sports gambling by sports gambling fans.

This has amounted to placing restrictions on bank transactions over the Internet that involves sports gambling. Why not ideal conditions for sports gambling fans, it amounts to little more than a minor inconvenience.

However, this state of affairs as regards sports gambling and online sports gambling could be altered drastically by the next president of the United States. The next president will most likely have to tackle the issue and either take steps to further restrict access to sports gambling online.

Or they could also move to make it easier for fans to gain access to Internet sports gambling. While steps to restrict access have been made in the past and been met with little success, the time has come for less restriction and more access.

Of the two major party candidates Barak Obama would seem the more likely to open up access to Internet sports gambling.

He has proven to be progressive minded and practical in many other forums and opening up access to sports gambling would simply legitimize one of the most popular pastimes in the country and add a significant source of tax revenue.

John McCain, on the other hand, has proven to be a hand puppet for his ultra conservative base and is unlikely to expand any access to sports gambling, online or otherwise.  As such, sports gambling would appear to have a much brighter future under the potential presidency of Obama, rather than McCain.