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Sports Gambling on China Olympics

US has dominated the sports gambling when it comes to both the total number of medals won and the number of gold medals won in the online sports gambling.

Never in the history of sports gambling has one Olympic Games meant so much to a country. When China hosts the Olympics this summer it will be the most important event in its post-dynasty history and one of the rare occasions when sport transcends sports gambling and competition.

And as the online sports gambling handicappers work out the odds and the probability statistics, it looks more and more like the host country will come out on top in the sports gambling metal count.

The US generally counts the gold medal count while the rest of the world’s sports gambling fans tend to the total medal count as the way of establishing dominance in the sports gambling. For the most part, after the break up of the Soviet Union the US has won both sports gambling categories.

But this year that looks set to change as the Chinese are the early favorite to win both of these categories, according to many online sports gambling experts.

In the past two years the Chinese have been close behind the US in both columns and this year in front of the their home crowd they will be looking to not just win the sports gambling competition but make a statement to the larger sports gambling audience and beyond that they are a world power.

There is very little reason to think that the Chinese won’t dominate the sports gambling in Beijing this summer. One of the most compelling reasons of course is the simple law of averages.

This is a very important factor in sports gambling and since the Chinese have 20% of the world’s population to choose its athletes from, it has much greater odds of dominating the sports gambling. Also, as host of the Olympics sports gambling China can choose several of the events to add to the sports gambling calendar.

These sports will no doubt be sports that Chinese athletes dominate and this will only add to the likelihood of China coming out on top of the sports gambling in Beijing.