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Sports Gambling Blow without Tiger

Golf is a major sports gambling event and without Woods there to draw fans in for the remaining two Majors, online sports gambling in general will suffer.

The top athlete in the world has been forced to withdraw from competition due to injuries and as a result sports gambling have suffered a tough blow. Tiger Woods grim prognosis after damaging his knee in his epic US Open win was a terrible blow not only for golf sports gambling fans but online sports gambling in general.

No other athlete dominates a sport the way Woods does, not does any single athlete carry a sport the way this online sports gambling icon does.

It’s easy to imagine the NBA without Kobe Bryant or the NFL without Peyton Manning or even soccer without single player, but golf simply does not exist as a compelling online sports gambling draw without Tiger. Tiger is golf sports gambling. Without him at a golf event the ratings and the online sports gambling interest dwindle to nothing.

Even with fellow golf stars like Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els healthier than they’ve been in years the sport can draw little interest for most sports gambling fans without Woods in the field.

This is not a pleasant prospect for PGA officials and sports gambling site administrators but this should be viewed as more a testament to Woods great talent and charisma then a slight to golf and the sports gambling world in general. Woods has done something that only a few athletes of every sports gambling generation can do.

And that is dominate so completely and so thoroughly that no matter what’s going on, sports gambling fans have to watch them compete, if for nothing else than to get a glimpse of perfection.  Right now Woods is the only such athlete in online sports gambling and he will be sorely missed.

The TV ratings for golf sports gambling events have already tanked and sports gambling interest from the online sports gambling fans has also dropped. The only good news to come from all of this is that Woods will back at 100% in 2009.