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Sports Gambling Biggest Free Agent

Brand is a very attractive sports gambling figure. But many online sports gambling experts have assumed it’s unwillingness to play for the lowly Clippers.

Agent Zero has chosen to stay put in the NBA sports gambling free agency frenzy and so the number one target on every GM’s hit list has become Elton Brand. Brand shocked the online sports gambling world by opting out of the last year of his contract.

Unable to reach an agreement with the Clippers, Brand is now the biggest prize in the NBA online sports gambling free agent market.  When healthy, he is a top player in the league, but as any astute NBA sports gambling fan will tell you that isn’t all that often.

Throughout his career Brand has been hobbled injuries, some severe and others only serious enough to miss a few online sports gambling games. But the point is; his injury list is so extensive that it causes pause among sports gambling fans and GMs despite his monster stats otherwise.

Brand is a 20 and 10 career man who shoots over 50% from the field and is one of the better shot blockers in sports gambling. Exactly why he and the Clippers couldn’t reach an agreement isn’t known.

Now that the team has reportedly come to terms with Baron Davis, one of the top point guards in sports gambling, the pie may have been sweetened a bit for Brand.  But, if, as many sports gambling fans have suggested, Brand is dead set on tasting the open waters, where would he end up? Any team in the NBA sports gambling would love to have him.

But the question is, at what price. The only two teams with immediate sports gambling cap space are unlikely targets: Memphis and Philly. Philly already has a tough post player and if Brand is not interested in playing for the Clippers he certainly isn’t interested in sports gambling action in Memphis.

One sports gambling rumor has Heat president Pat Riley working a sign and trade with the Clippers for Brand involving Shawn Marion. And as crazy as this might sound to sports gambling fans familiar with salary cap numbers, it just might be crazy enough to work.