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Sports Gambling and Favre

One topic seems to dominate the NFL sports gambling world is the issue of Brett Favre and where he’ll play in the up coming online sports gambling season.

Sports gambling fans are fairly salivating waiting for the NFL season to get started. With training camps officially getting underway the wait for the online sports gambling action is getting smaller every day. Sports gambling experts had thought that there would be a possibility that Favre would still be playing with the Packers, but things have changed since then and that may not be an option any longer.

It would seem crazy not to want to Favre back to lead his team into the sports gambling season, but the Packers are in a tough spot. If they take him back it would all but guarantee that young QB Aaron Rogers would pack his bags and never sign another contract with the Packers to compete in any NFL sports gambling competition.

And that’s an awfully big consideration since Rogers contract expires after this sports gambling season.  But it seems that the Packers are being a bit overcautious in their approach to Rogers and the team’s online sports gambling future.

Don’t forget this is hardly a premiere QB or a sports gambling legend we’re talking about. Rogers has never started a game in the NFL sports gambling regular season.

He has only thrown a handful of passes in real NFL gambling action and his future as a capable staring NFL QB when the sports gambling action gets underway is hardly guaranteed.

He has great potential but he should understand that no one is entitled to a starting job in the NFL online sports gambling world and if he wants the job he should compete for it like everyone else.

If that means competing against the most decorated QB in sports gambling history, so be it. But the Packers have already guaranteed Rogers he starting spot –to the detriment of the team in the upcoming sports gambling season- and now must deal with the consequences.

So Favre has been actively seeking a trade elsewhere, most prominently with the division rival Vikings. It’s all but certain Favre will not suit up for Minnesota as the Packers brass would never sign off on such a deal. The Bucs have been mentioned frequently as a possible home for Favre in the upcoming sports gambling season.

It would be a great fit and boost the team into the top tier of sports gambling playoff contenders, but the Pack could still veto the deal as Tampa is still a potential NFC playoff opponent.