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Sports Gambling - ACC Power Values

Sports gambling can offer great values on even the most public of teams. North Carolina and Duke are great college basketball examples of this.

Sports gambling fans often get burned taking these two teams as home favorites. The best online sports gambling situation for Duke and North Carolina is as dogs. It is natural in sports gambling to want to avoid taking the underdog.

The general online sports gambling public is weary of teams that are getting points and rarely considers the potential value in doing so.  That is why Duke and North Carolina are such poor sportsbook gambling values as favorites because the general public fears them, no matter how many points are offered.

The sports gambling odds makers know all of this and also know that both Duke and North Carolina will attract less action when they themselves are getting points.  For value oriented sports gambling handicappers there are few better bargains than a power underdog in any sport and that is especially true of the two best college basketball sports gambling commodities in the ACC.

While it is not common for North Carolina to be a sports gambling underdog it has happened 20 times from March 9, 2003 through December 5, 2009.  And in those 20 sports gambling matchups the Tar Heels have failed to get the cash in just 3 of those games!!!

The most recent example of North Carolina’s bite as a dog was December 5 against Kentucky when they scored a 68-66 loss but got the cash as 4-point dogs.  It is even more rare for Duke to be a sports gambling underdog.

From December 3, 2003 through March 8, 2009 the Blue Devils have been pups 12 times and have posted a record of 9-3 against the spread.  Value is what college basketball betting, as well as all sports wagering, is all about.  There is always a time to turn on the power.

And that time is often when the power is the points!  The public fears taking underdogs, even power dogs.  When elite teams get points you are often getting a 2 for 1 special!  And a winner!