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Sports Gambling 2009 NFC Playoff Lessons

Sports gambling has seen quite a few surprises this pro football playoff season as online sports gambling has reminded us of what a challenge it can be.

Sports gambling handicappers have learned, among other things, that the so-called “home field advantage” is not the online sports gambling advantage that many assume it to be.  The sports gambling lessons for this year’s playoffs started on day one with one of the few strong home performances in the post season as Arizona got the sports gambling upset over red hot Atlanta 30-24 as 1.5-point home dogs.

The sports gambling conventional “wisdom” in this game was that Atlanta’s hot finish to the regular season would trump the Cardinals, who were considered to be “limping in” with a weak finish to the sports gambling regular season.  The Cardinals online sports gambling surprises only intensified the following week in Carolina.

Arizona was a 10 point sports gambling road dog that was given no chance against the Panthers, yet they prevailed in a stunning 33-10 upset win and cover.  Apparently the explosive offense led by quarterback Kurt Warner and his trio of one-thousand yard receivers went over the heads of the sports gambling public when figuring their games!

The Philadelphia Eagles proved to be yet another strong sports gambling surprise.  Given up for dead after their 15th game, everything broke the Eagles’ way and they crushed Dallas to make the playoffs.  Philadelphia took the “hard road” to the NFL title game as they first won at Minnesota 26-14 in a sports gambling cover as 3-point chalks.

That was followed by an online sports gambling upset at the defending super bowl champion New York Giants 23-11 as 4-point dogs.  The Giants had struggled against the Eagles earlier in the season, which should have been a “tell” to gamblers for this rematch.

The road team was 3-1 against the spread in the first two rounds of the NFC playoffs which demonstrated the sports gambling value in taking the visitor and not being an “auto pilot” in assuming that the home team is a cinch in playoff action.

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