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Online Sports Gambling - World Cup Offers Intense Drama

Online sports gambling fans looking for the ultimate combination of drama, passion, excitement, and intensity will find a perfect home with the World Cup.

Online sports gambling excitement is at a fever pitch as there are few sports gambling events that can match the world class quality and emotion of World Cup soccer.

The opportunity to bet the World Cup betting line comes only once every four years which makes it on a par with the Olympics as far as keeping things fresh and having an event that does not get old or stale.

There will be plenty of outstanding online sports gambling opportunities as 32 teams will play 64 matches in 30 days at South Africa to determine the 2010 World Cup champion.  If past history is any indication there will be plenty of stunning upsets and breathtaking drama to the climatic end.

One of the qualities that make World Cup gambling so unique are the national passions that arise each time this event takes place.  Even non-traditional soccer playing countries such as the United States get caught up in the pride of country angle which makes the World Cup such a premier event.

Many Americans will also adopt a second sports gambling commodity to root for along with their USA team.  Most will have action on the country of their ancestors such as England, Italy, France, Germany, or Mexico to make for even more excitement and opportunities on the board.

World Cup gambling offers the best 32 teams on the world stage that emerged from a qualifying tournament that featured 200 countries at the start who were trying to get into the ultimate world sports event.

National pride is a big online sports gambling factor that cannot be discounted and is often a factor with the board.  There will be tons of money bet by fans of England, Argentina, Germany, and Brazil for example, as those are countries with big traditions and a history of success.  They are also nations where soccer is king.

Even if you are not a soccer fan you will find that wagering with the World Cup betting odds is excitement unparalleled and one of the ultimate sports handicapping experiences that you can ever have.