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On Line Sports Gambling - USA Must Regroup

On line sports gambling handicappers cannot quite figure the United States team out with the World Cup betting line as they played to draws in their first two matches.

On line sports gambling anticipation will be sky high for what is likely going to be a must win game on Wednesday for the Americans as they will face Algeria.

The United States got what was considered something of a lucky 1-1 draw against England in their Group C opener and then followed that up with an equally unlucky 2-2 draw against Slovenia in which the Yanks rallied from a 0-2 deficit only to score what looked to be the winning goal, which was disallowed on what most observers agree was a terrible call by the referee.

The Americans will be the on line sports gambling favorite in their match with Algeria but the Algerian team is confident that they have a shot at the upset.

“If Algeria plays to its potential we don’t need to worry about our opponents,” said Karim Matmour, their midfielder.  “If we play our style of football we can beat anyone.”

Algeria is in even more desperate position than the Americans as they only shot they have to advance out of Group C is with a win.  The Yanks can still theoretically advance with a draw.

The Desert Foxes stunned England in their last match as they played to a 0-0 draw.  In their opener Algeria was defeated by Slovenia 1-0.

United States head coach Bob Bradley said that the key to his team’s success will be good discipline and clinical finishing.  He has concerns about Algeria’s ability after that draw against England.

“Algeria are a team that has a way of getting a lot of numbers behind the ball, but they are still talented going forward with some of the skill and physical abilities of key individuals,” said Bradley.

Bradley was impressed with Algeria’s organization against England and said that it shows a less talented team can compete effectively if they do so as a group.

Bradley also said that it was time for the Americans to put the controversial draw with Slovenia behind them and move forward.

“We understand that if we win we advance and we understand that there’s a possibility that we can still we our group,” said the USA coach.  “We have moved forward.”