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Online Sports Gambling - Terry Looking to Spark England

Online sports gambling excitement for the World Cup is now full blown with gambling action going all the way through the final on July 11.
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Online sports gambling handicappers have England as one of the favorites to go all the way as they are a traditional sports gambling power in this event that has struggled in recent years.

England has actually been something of an overlay with the World Cup betting line since last winning the event in 1966 as they have come up short in the clutch more often than not.

This has served to totally frustrate their passionate and somewhat mad fan base and also put additional pressure on the current English team looking to get back in to the final.

John Terry is one of the key online sports gambling components to England and their chances for the 2010 World Cup. Terry is a center back and the captain of the famed Chelsea team in the English Premier League. He was also captain of the England national team from August 2006 until February of this year.

Terry is known throughout World Cup gambling as one of the most intense players on the pitch and one that is totally ruthless and without remorse when it comes to winning.

And it is that attitude that makes him so popular with England’s fan base and what many in sports gambling consider to be necessary for England to get over the hump in this year’s tournament.

Terry also enters World Cup gambling with plenty of skeletons in his closet that have come out onto the national stage including an affair with the fiancé of a former friend and teammate, which was just the most recent incident in a long list of transgressions.

He also paid for an abortion after he got the mother of colleague Wayne Bridge pregnant. Terry is the married father of two.

It is that long list of personal flaws that have made Terry one of the biggest online sports gambling stories for the World Cup. The aforementioned affair was the last straw for many fans and only a win in the World Cup would serve to redeem his damaged reputation.

England head coach Fabio Capello stripped Terry of his captaincy as a result in preparation for action with the World Cup betting odds.