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Online Sports Gambling - Mixed Cup for USA

Online sports gambling excitement was at an unusual fever pitch in the United States for the World Cup Football betting prospects of the American team.

Online sports gambling results were mixed for Team USA as they had some bizarre and dramatic World Cup Football betting moments but also a painful ending.

The United States took on the feel of being something of a team of destiny after they scored a lucky opening 1-1 draw against England in which they scored on a long range shot that was bobbled and blundered by the English goal keeper.

That was then followed up with a 2-2 draw against Slovenia in which the Americans had to awaken from a slumber that saw them trail 0-2.  Team USA rallied to tie and should have won the game as the potential game winning goal was disallowed on an incorrect call.

The Yanks then defeated Algeria 1-0 in extra time to clinch first place in Group C.  They had nothing left in the tank for the knockout round of 16, however, as they lost a tough 1-2 decision to Ghana to end their run.

Team USA did manage to raise the awareness of soccer in the United States, which has always been ambivalent about the game.  The question now is where the American program will go from here.

Coach Bob Bradley will get his share of credit for the American’s grit and determination along with a never say die attitude.  He will also get fairly criticized for the team’s slow starts in games and some questionable lineup moves.

“We feel like in all positions we have talent,” said Bradley.  “But when you get to the World Cup level and everything gets challenged at that level, we know we have to be better.”

Landon Donovan emerged as a rare household name in American soccer and is now being mentioned for a possible roster spot in the English Premier League.  He currently plays for Los Angeles in Major League Soccer.

While the American team did captivate its homeland, the fact that they had to continually struggle and rally and need breaks proves that they are yet to emerge into elite world class status and as a true top tier contender with the likes of Germany, Brazil, Spain, and Argentina.

“We know people across the United States have been behind our team,” said Bradley.  “At this moment, it’s a feeling of disappointment.”