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On Line Sports Gambling - Dunga Adds Grit to Brazil

On line sports gambling fans that are new to soccer may have noticed that when they evaluate the World Cup betting line they often see the phrase “The Beautiful Game.”

On line sports gambling handicappers have not seen much beauty from a highly talented Brazilian squad but instead have seen an outstanding work ethic.

Brazil head coach Dunga is a big reason why the Brazilian team is in the Elite Eight of the 2010 FIFA World Cup and with a match on Friday against the Netherlands.

Dunga was world renowned in his playing days for being one of the toughest players on the pitch and that personality has now been transferred to the team that he coaches, which is one of the favorites to win the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Dunga emphasizes a defensive and disciplined approach, which is in a stark contrast to the Brazil teams of the past that were highly offensive with daring and dynamic playmaking that made for a “beautiful game.”

Dunga’s system has had its share of success as Brazil won the Copa America in 2007 and the 2009 Confederations Cup. At the end of the day all Dunga cares about is winning as style points are not a high priority or consideration.

There was plenty of panic and criticism heaped upon Dunga after Brazil squeaked by North Korea for a 2-1 on line sports gambling win in their group opener and Dunga was not shy in fighting back.

Brazil is growing in confidence under Dunga and feels ready for the final stages of the World Cup as their play has improved throughout the tournament. They have embraced the Dunga system and the winning has shown everyone that it is worth it.

“We know there is always this expectation that Brazil will be the winners but being the favorite does not allow you to win the World Cup,” said Dunga. Some people doubted that we would perform but as we go along that confidence is growing and growing and we hope to make it to the final.”

Dunga is also not shy about confronting super star players on his team including Kaka, who has missed action due to needless yellow cards.

“I don’t want Kaka to be out suspended,” said Dunga. “It looks as though the technical players are punished and those who commit fouls aren’t always.”