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On Line Sports Gambling - Argentina Clicking

On line sports gambling skepticism was rather large, if not somewhat justified, in regards to Argentina’s prospects with the World Cup betting line.

On line sports gambling handicappers were not ready to go “all in” with a team coached by the erratic and controversial Diego Maradona but those initial perceptions are changing.

Argentina has won its first two FIFA World Cup games as they shut out Nigeria 1-0 in the opener and followed that up with a dominating 4-1 win over South Korea.  Argentina will close out Group B action with a game Tuesday against Greece.

There are few figures in all of sports more controversial than Maradona, who was the star of the 1986 World Cup championship team.  Maradona was a big name on the global stage but has also suffered from problems with the law including drugs, from which he nearly died.

Maradona is the coach of a highly talented team that features such big names as Lionel Messi and Carlos Tevez and yet he is the true star of the team.  He is the biggest legendary hero of Argentina and all of his countrymen have placed their own national esteem upon his shoulders once again.  Maradona accepts that responsibility.

“I’m giving my everything for the Argentine team,” said Maradona.

There were plenty of doubters that said Maradona was too erratic of a personality to be an effective coach and the long term prospects remain up in the air.  But so far in World Cup play the Argentina squad has been one of the most impressive and Maradona has been a theatric side show on the bench with plenty of demonstrative statements.

He berated South Korea’s coach for what he considered to be rough play and was told by the game officials to knock it off.  It is interesting to note that as controversial and troubled as Maradona has been through the years, part of his coaching routine is to clutch a rosary during action.

It is just as interesting to also note that he rarely stays in the coach’s box.

Argentina has been one of the few on line sports gambling favorites that has performed well so far on the World Cup stage.

Messi is a top performer that must be watched.  He is as skilled as any player in the world but is yet to score a goal.