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Online Sports Gambling - Will Mets End Frustration in 2010'

Online sports gambling frustration reached a fever peak in 2009 with the New York Mets who were one of the biggest money losers in all of internet sports gambling.

Online sports gambling handicappers who bet the Mets ended up with holes in their pocket and red ink splashed on their shirts despite the team having one of the biggest payrolls in all of internet sports gambling. The Mets finished 2009 with an online sports gambling record of 70-92 with just 72 out of their 162 games going over the sports book gambling total.

Still, there are many online sports gambling handicappers that, for whatever reason, fall for the Mets and their perceived potential each year.  The Mets have nowhere to go but up and may turn out to be a surprise online sports gambling value if they can improve their offensive ranking of 25th for run production and 21st for staff earned run average.

The Mets do have some online sports gambling assets to draw from beginning with their number one starting pitcher Johan Santana.  Last year Santana had one of the better earned run averages in all of online sports gambling for a starter at 3.13 as he finished with a record of 13-9.

Santana’s career record of 122-60 and a 3.12 earned run average are a cause for optimism.  From there the rotation gets rather dicey, however.  Number two starter Mike Pelfrey was 10-12 last year with a 5.03 earned run average.  Number three starter John Maine was 7-6 with a 4.43 earned run average.

Closer Francisco Rodriguez was less than dominating in 2009 as he finished 3-6 with a 3.71 earned run average and with 35 saves in 42 chances.  In 2008 with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim he finished with 62 saves in 69 chances and a 2.24 earned run average which is more where the Mets expect and need him to be.

The lineup was often anemic and lacked punch.  Jeff Francoeur led the Mets with just 15 home runs last year.  The Mets are proof that a big payroll doesn’t equate to big profits or pennants.