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Online Sports Gambling NFL Intangibles

Online sports gambling is not just about the basic numbers that go into the NFL online gambling equations that make the line.

Online sports gambling also has the intangible factors to consider.  Intangibles are not numbers but important emotional aspects of the online gambling handicapping process.  Revenge is one of the great NFL online sports gambling angles.

This is especially true in games between division rivals as they meet twice each season and have a long history of prior games and circumstances.  Those who pay attention to that and correctly make the revenge reads can increase their overall NFL online gambling success.

Another great online sports gambling intangible factor would be the prior result of a team, if it was an extremely unique type of game.

A team that was upset or scored an upset, a team coming off a last second win or loss, a team that was looking ahead and played poorly, a team that played its worst or best game of the season are all teams that could bring a strong online sports gambling intangible factor, both good or bad, to consider.

Teams coming off big games against arch rivals are another potential online sports gambling commodity to oppose because there is the strong possibility of an emotional let down.  A team that has been pointing to a game for many weeks, or even months, may have an empty tank for their next online sports gambling appearance.

Coaches or players going against their old teams make for great online sports gambling intangible factors.  This takes the revenge factor to another level.  There is often extra special online sports gambling motivational edges on such situations as these coaches and players are motivated to beat the team that they left.

A low scoring team that lit up the scoreboard in their previous game is a team that merits consideration to oppose.  And vice versa for both offense and defense.  Anything results that were extremely out of the norm may go back that way after taking that lone one week break.

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