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Online Sports Gambling - NBA Home Court Advantage'

Online sports gambling handicappers come in two forms. The “Sharps” who understand sportsgambling board value and the “Public” which does not.

Online sports gambling members of the “public” sector are getting crushed with the home court sportsgambling results of the top teams in the NBA for 2009-10. The online sports gambling line makers already know that the general public gravitates towards the best teams, especially when they are at home.

As a result the odds makers will jack the sportsgambling line up in anticipation of the gambling sports public demand for power home favorites.  The online sports gambling value, therefore, goes to the less appealing underdog that is getting more points than what is actually merited.

A great online sports gambling example of this would be the Boston Celtics.  Boston entered the online sports gambling all star break with a straight up record of 32-18 as the first place team in the Atlantic Division.

The Celtics were just two online sports gambling seasons removed from a world title and made the Eastern Conference Finals last year.  With all of that going for them they are one of the most “public” NBA teams in all of online sports gambling.

Boston was a bankroll busting 6-17 against the spread at home this year proving to be a consistently massive online sports gambling overlay.  The Cleveland Cavaliers are a perennial Eastern Conference favorite and a contender for the NBA title.

Cleveland was 43-11 straight up at the all star break as the top team in the East and yet was 12-15 against the spread at home.  The defending world champion Los Angeles Lakers are yet another great example of board overlays in the NBA.  The Lakers were 41-13 at the all star break and yet were 14-15 against the spread at home.

The Dallas Mavericks results were even more astounding.  Dallas was the top team in the Southwest Division at the all star break with a record of 32-20 straight up and yet the Mavericks were 5-19 against the spread as a host!

As tempting as power home favorites might be it is smart to consider the other side as you will likely be getting more for your money.