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Online Sports Gambling Money Lines

Online sports gambling money lines are another option for gamblers.

The main difference between an online sports gambling money line and a sports gambling pointspread is that there are no points involved with the money line. If your team wins, you collect. Money lines are common in baseball and in hockey. Here is an example from baseball that you might see at an online sports gambling site.

New York Yankees -160, Chicago White Sox +140. In this situation if you liked the Yankees you would risk $160 for every $100 you wanted to win on N.Y. or the 16/10 equivalent. If you liked Chicago you would risk $100 but win $140 if the Sox won.

This online sports gambling money line example is exactly the same as the lines you see in hockey betting. You also have online sports gambling money lines for NFL, college football, NBA and college basketball.

Here is a money line example that you might see when looking at the online sports gambling basketball lines: New York Knicks +180 New Jersey Nets -220.  In this case if you liked the Nets you would be risking $220 for every $100 you wanted to win.

If you liked the Knicks you would get back $180 for every $100 wagered if New York won. You are just betting on a team to win the game, no pointspread is involved with online sports gambling money lines. You also have online sports gambling money lines in other sports like NASCAR, golf, tennis and soccer.

They are usually matchup oriented and look just like the previous NBA money line example. You will also see the money lines in other betting lines such as boxing, propositions, special events, etc. The money line makes it so the only thing the gambler is worried about is winning with no pointspreads involved.

These are the basics for online sports gambling money lines and some examples of what you will likely see. The good news with an online sports gambling money line is that you only have to win the game. It is why some gamblers prefer it over the pointspread when they consider the betting lines each day during the season.