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Online Sports Gambling is Growing

Sports gambling is widely popular all over the world. There is hardly a country where people are not crazy for online sports gambling.

It’s no secret why sports gambling are so popular and perhaps no sport exemplifies the thrill and excitement like F1 racing. Sports gambling cover a huge variety of sports and thanks to the online sports gambling industry this coverage has taken on a decidedly global scale.

And there is perhaps no other sport that has a more global scale than F1 racing. Consider that the sports main events are held in a different country each week and are staged in more than 15 countries on six different continents -no other online sports gambling sport can boast of such internationalism.

But as the 2008 looms in the horizon what should sports gambling fans expect in the coming season? It’s hard to say for sure, but one thing that online sports gambling fans can count on is plenty of excitement.

There have been all kinds of off-season drama as most sports gambling fans have grown accustomed to when it comes to F1 racing, but the shake up has been great for the sport. Heading into the 2008 season there will be as much diversity and competition among the teams and drivers as the sports gambling world has seen in over a decade.

This season’s driver and team titles truly are up in the air and that should make for some very interesting online sports gambling.

For the first time in ages the top three drivers are all representing different teams, which mean that there will be some major battles for driving and the excitement level for fans will be the best it’s ever been in the online sports betting era.

The top drivers are unquestionably Fernando Alonso, his ex-teammate Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen. Fans can be sure that one of these drivers will hoist the drivers’ cup at season end.

But keep an eye on Brazilian Felipe Massa who will be driving one of the fastest cars in sports gambling this year and could surprise some people.  As far as the team title is concerned Ferrari, sports gambling fans should keep an eye on Ferrari which boasts one of the fastest car set ups and the best pair of drivers sports gambling fans will see.

But McLaren is the defending champ and fans shouldn’t count them out with Lewis only looking to improve in his sophomore season.